Making Your Event Dynamite!

Keep Positive & Keep Celebrating!

COVID-19 has thrown in a big wrench into our plans, lives and way of life!

At this time, we are facing many changes and challenges, and you are not alone! As humans, we are social creatures, and it can be frustrating, boring, irritating to have so much alone time, so take advantage of the technology available to stay healthy and connected with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Here’s a few things we are doing to stay mentally and physically healthy while practicing social distancing, and if you like, you can too:

  • Face time loved ones, using your phone through WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Zoom
  • Call or text your loved ones and ask how they are doing! Share your concerns and support one another.
  • Watch and read the World Health Organization news but don’t overwhelm yourself. Just as it is good to be in the “know” there is a lot of misinformation pouring out on social media, so check out the World Health Organization advice here: WHO News as it is a trusted source!
  • Create an exercise or walking routine at home! Choose Zumba (or exercise type of your choice) from YouTube and do it for at least three (3) times a week. Walk around your house (outside or inside). If you have a backyard, get some fresh air and you can also do your exercise there.
  • Read a book on whatever topic you like, a romance novel, a murder case (my favourite) or a fantasy novel. Check out Chapters/Indigo to see what’s new!
  • Take online courses to stimulate your brain! Learn whatever you always put aside for when you had time. This is the time!
  • Be Neighbourly! Call or text your neighbours to see how they are doing and if they need groceries (so you can pick it for them up on your run).

Keep positive and keep celebrating! Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations of all types are important, so adopt an online platform to get your family, friends and neighbours together and engaged!

Stay strong and soon we will celebrate all together in person!

Keep safe and healthy!

For now, let’s continue to celebrate at 7 pm to show support and encouragement for all the healthcare workers who are on the front line fighting this for us!

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